Dietitian & Nutrition Counselling and Services
Nutrition, Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Management

Individual Counselling

A complete one hour nutrition assessment which includes: getting to know your needs and the best approach for you, a dietary analysis of current diet with recommendations for improvement and an education session including nutrition goals and healthy eating strategies. A Nutrition Plan For Change will be developed.

A half hour Follow up appointment is recommended to discuss your progress.

Couple Counselling Session Package

Suitable for two people with similar nutritional concerns that want to be accommodated during the same appointment time.

Weight Loss Package

Standard Weight Loss Package: To be successful with your weight loss goals, one needs to be knowledgable, accountable and empowered to bring about change. During the sessions, the client will become aware of eating patterns and identify nutrition problems, learn how to balance meals with when and what to eat, learn to read nutrition labels, and learn how to plan meals for your particular lifestyle. During follow ups, nutrition goals will be revised and new goals to be established, as well as continuing to be motivated to stay to track with reaching your goals.

A 5-month package including the individual counselling (listed above) plus one follow-up appointment each month for 4 months. Pre-designed meal plan and grocery list can be included.

Group Counselling

Presentations can be informal.  Types of seminars are Healthy Heart/ Cholesterol, Diabetes, Healthy Lifestyle eating,  Children's/Adolescent nutrition topics, eating for exercise/sports nutrition.


The Nutrigenomix session includes a saliva sample to be taken as well as an individual nutrition assessment. Other services can be combined and education session can be included at first appointment.

Receive your Nutrigenomix results at a follow up appointment a few weeks post initial assessment. Education session and nutrition plan included at this time based on your personalized recommendations.

See more information, including a video and brochure, about Nutrigenomix on this page.


Fee Schedule: Fees vary depending on services offered.  For information on costs, please contact.  Fees are due at first session.

Please note:  Most extended health plans will reimburse for nutrition counselling by a Registered Dietitian.