Registered Dietitian Natalie Brown Bsc, RD
Online Nutrition Counselling

No matter where you live or how busy your schedule is, online nutrition counselling can be a convenient alternative to in-office consultations.

Natalie will provide the same high quality consults via phone or Skype in the comfort of your own home.

All nutrition services are private and confidential.

You can choose to book your online nutrition appointment either by phone or email. Contact Natalie.

Online Services Offered:

Get started with an Initial Nutrition Assessment: 1hour
Includes a review and analysis of current eating habits, an education session including recommendations for improvement and establishing nutrition goals and healthy eating strategies. A Nutrition Plan For Change will be developed. Pre-designed 7 day meal plan can be included upon request. Food journals can be emailed weekly. Unlimited email support provided.

Keep the progress with a follow up appointment: 30 min
Recommended for accountability and to keep you on track. Nutrition goals will be re-assessed and revised as needed.

Couples/Family Nutrition Assessment: 1.5 hour
Designed to assess a couple or a family’s nutritional needs. Each family member will have their own individual Initial Nutrition Assessment. Suitable for those with similar nutritional concerns that want to be accommodated during the same appointment time.

Nutrition Counselling Package:
Includes the individual counselling (listed above) plus 4 follow up appointments. Pre-designed meal plan can be included. 

To be successful with your weight loss goals, one needs to be knowledgeable, accountable and empowered to bring about change. During the sessions, the client will become aware of eating patterns and identify nutrition problems, learn how to balance meals with when and what to eat, learn to read nutrition labels, and learn how to plan meals for your particular lifestyle. During follow ups, nutrition goals will be revised and new goals to be established, as well as continuing to be motivated to stay to track with reaching your goals.

Computerized Dietary Analysis:
Includes a Daily Nutrient Intake Report (based on your submitted food journal) and a Daily Recommendations Report. The Nutrient Summary Profile allows you to compare your actual nutrient intake of carbohydrates, protein and fat to your goals. You will also be provided with your total vitamin and mineral intake and deficiencies identified. Computerized data provided to you.
No need for an appointment for this service. Complete client information form, food journal along with payment through PayPal. Once information and payment received, you will receive your results in 1-2 days. A follow up consult can be booked to discuss results.

Please feel free to contact Natalie for more information regarding services.

To make an appointment for an online session, please complete the following:

  1. Select and pay for the appointment type that you want
  2. Please submit the Client Information Form before appointment.
  3. Food Journal is optional (except for Computerized Dietary Analysis).